Barış Atay arrested

Actor Barış Atay was arrested by police officers who came to his home a six o’ clock this morning. With no information given as to the reason for his arrest, the actor has seemingly been taken to the police station.

Yayınlanma: 16.05.2018 - 09:57
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Lawyer Efkan Bolaç gave news of Atay’s arrest on his Twitter account. Bolaç wrote, “They have finally managed to arrest Barış Atay. Since when has it been a crime to tell somebody that they will be tried or you do not forgive them?”

In a statement he made to Evrensel, Bolaç said that Atay had been taken via Vatan Street in Fatih to the Security Branch Directorate and the reason for the arrest had yet to be announced. Bolaç said it was highly probable that the reason for his arrest related to the debate raging over recent days and noted that a house search had not been conducted.

Following the message of apology by Yusuf Yerkel, who had kicked a miner, Atay had posted on his Twitter account, “You will all weep as you apologise. When that day comes, we will not forget those who pardoned, pitied and abandoned trials! It is not going to be a case of, ‘Retirement along with the grandkids, we are all brothers and we want no quarrel.’ Everything is starting anew. You will give account to this country for what you have done to its people.”

After Atay posted this message on social media, Hürriyet columnist Ahmet Hakan penned an article titled, “Please put this man in his place!” Media organs close to the government also targeted Atay following this message.

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