No respite on Peace Day

The making of a statement at the 10 October Memorial was not permitted on World Peace Day.
02 Eylül 2018 Pazar, 11:36

People intent on commemorating those who lost their lives in the 10 October station massacre were not permitted to make a statement at the 10 October Memorial. Representatives of the group, which made a press statement in front of Ankara Station, walked to the 10 October Memorial following the statement, opened a banner and left carnations.

 Human Rights Association Ankara Branch Co-Chair Saliha Şahin, who made a statement on behalf of the Ankara Medical Chamber, Contemporary Jurists Association’s Ankara Branch, Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions Ankara Region Representation, Human Rights Association’s Ankara Branch, Confederation of Public Employees' Trade Unions Branches Platform, 10 October Peace and Solidarity Association and Free Jurists Platform’s Ankara Branch, stated that they would monitor the 10 October trial.

 Şahin said, “The dark tentacles of the war being waged in the Middle East bathed the Ankara Peace Rally in blood. The dark forces that bathed the rally ground in blood have also continued to protect those responsible for the massacre. We devote 1 October World Peace Day to the 10 October peace doves. We once more cry out from here the Saturday Mothers’ demand for justice.”

 Mention of “mothers”

 The moment HDP Member of Parliament Filiz Kerestecioğlu mentioned the Saturday Mothers, the police announced that an intervention would be staged.

 Organization representatives who wished at the end of the event to leave white carnations at the site of the monument built to commemorate the 103 people who lost their lives in the massacre did so under police siege. The police were unwilling to grant access to the area to a banner on which the 103 people’s names were written. After organization representatives had placed the banner on the ground in front of the memorial and placed white carnations on it, the police took the banner and ripped it up. The police, calling on the group to disperse, shoved people out of the area, saying, “Sweep them away.”

 Concert banned!

 A “Peace Concert” to commemorate 1 October World Peace Day in Özgürlük Park sited in Istanbul’s Kadıköy, at which the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions Choir, the Child Band, Bandista and Adalılar were to perform, was banned under an instruction by Kadıköy Sub-Provincial Governate. In response to the ban, Kadıköy Peace Platform announced there would be a music concert in Khalkedon Square. A group congregating around the square that was under police siege protested the ban. Platform members, denied permission for the songs and ballads to be performed in Khelkedon Square, either, wished to march in the streets of Kadıköy to the sound of ululation, songs and ballads but frequently encountered warnings from the police officers who were following the group.

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