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Uncowed by the thuggery at the judicial complex: Lawyers will continue the justice watch

The lawyers who met with a police assault while holding a Justice Watch at the judicial complex in solidarity with our newspaper’s detained lawyers have announced that they will stage another sit-down protest next week. Many lawyers, expressing their outrage at the assault, have said they will join the watch. Those lawyers who were injured and beaten are preparing to file crime reports against the police.
Yayınlanma tarihi: 08 Nisan 2017 Cumartesi, 11:36

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The lawyers who were injured in the police assault at the judicial complex while calling for justice for our newspaper’s lawyers under detention in Silivri, Executive Board Chair Akın Atalay and Cumhuriyet Foundation Management Board members Bülent Utku and Mustafa Kemal Güngör, will file a crime report. Modern Jurists Association Istanbul Branch Chair Gökmen Yeşil, Attorney-at-Law, who suffered a broken nose, said, ‘There is swelling on my head and bruising and pain on my back and hip. My nose was broken. I will undergo an operation next week. We will file a crime report about the police officers who gave the beatings.’

Two months’ treatment

As to Erkan Ünüvar, Attorney-at-Law, whose leg was broken in the assault, he will be operated on today and will take a break from professional activity for two months on account of his treatment. Ünüvar said, ‘While I was lying on the ground with them wanting to handcuff me my leg twisted round. At first, the policeman didn’t attach importance to it. They took their time over it and meanwhile my leg swelled up. When it was x-rayed at the hospital, it became apparent that it was broken. This was something that happened in a harsh intervention. There is spite and animosity.’
Kemal Aytaç, who was arrested and then released, has said they will make a complaint and noted that the protest had been hindered with an arbitrary action.

They said, ‘Count us in’

Aytaç said, ‘Many lawyer colleagues have called me and said they want to join next week’s watch. The watch will be between 11.30 and 12.30 hours. The shortening of the period has nothing to do with this incident but is of our own volition. Many lawyer colleagues have called me and said they want to join next week’s watch.’

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