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Conspiracy-busting expert’s finding will change the course of ByLock cases

Judicial Communications Expert Tuncay Beşikçi, who also demolished the false evidence fabricated in conspiracy cases like Sledgehammer and Oda TV with the expert’s reports he submitted, imparted an important finding to the court bench about ByLock in the presentation he made at the prosecutor’s behest at the fourth hearing of the Cumhuriyet trial.
Yayınlanma tarihi: 01 Kasım 2017 Çarşamba, 11:52

Beşikçi, stating that ByLock was never downloaded onto Emre İper’s phone, explained with examples how phones onto which different programs had been downloaded could give the impression that ByLock had been downloaded.
It was decided to hear expert Tuncay Beşikçi at the fourth hearing in the trial being held at Istanbul Serious Crime Court No 27 in which our Editor-in-Chief Murat Sabuncu, Executive Board Chair Akın Atalay, reporter Ahmet Şık and accounting employee Emre İper are being held in detention on baseless and illogical allegations with our newspaper’s editorial policy made the subject of charges.
Judicial communications expert Tuncay Beşikçi, who drafted the reports that were adduced as grounds in the acquittal rulings in the Oda TV and Sledgehammer cases, recalling that Emre İper’s phone had the Android operating system and had never been formatted, said that it had been routed to the ByLock server in Lithuania by the Freezy program İper had loaded onto his phone.
Beşikçi, saying, “We only realise this from one line of code” and stating that a similar routing had been made by a program written to identify the direction of Mecca, said, “The writer of these two programs resigned from their job and fled abroad after 17-25 December.”
Beşikçi, stressing that there was definitely no record of ByLock on İper’s phone, commented, “There may be many people in a similar situation to İper. People who listen to music and wish to perform prayer may be deemed ByLock users because their phones are routed.”
Tuncay Beşikçi, the only person in Turkey to be classified as a “Judicial Communications Engineer”, first came to prominence with the report he drafted in the lawsuit that Retired Colonel Levent Bektaş, a suspect in the Poyrazköy case, brought in 2013 against an official working at the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. Beşikçi, who was appointed by the court within this lawsuit, examined CD No 1 and CD No 3 and all the reports that had previously been compiled in the file known to the public as the Cage Action Plan.
Beşikçi, who submitted a report into the documents that had been seized on Oda TV’s computers saying, “There are viruses and malware in many files and contradictions have been identified in the ownership and time data of the crime-related files,” made an important contribution to the demolishing of the Oda TV conspiracy with his report to the effect that, “Trojan-type malware that enables full control of the distant computer was infected through a press announcement sent to Oda TV from false email addresses pertaining to the CHP and the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions. The crime-related files, however, were not created by the registered users on the computer and were never opened.”
The report submitted by Judicial Communications Expert Tuncay Beşikçi debunking the allegation that Emre İper had ByLock on his phone will serve to change the course of numerous prosecutions in which ByLock has been adopted as the sole evidence.

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