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Airing the dirty laundry

By Aydın Engin
Yayınlanma tarihi: 30 Kasım 2017 Perşembe, 11:31

Nâzım Hikment called out to us, “We will see good days, kids.” Unfortunately, those “good” days are not nigh.
But. “interesting” days, “disgraceful” days or even “comical” days are nigh. The jury sessions of the Zarrab trial are imminent.
We can say right now that “dirty laundry” is about to be aired.
Right now, there is a great flurry. The AKP media has turned into a fire scene. The other denies what the first one says.
One of them tries to carry in water from a thousand streams to prevent Zarrab’s tricks from smearing the AKP and the AKP’s Chief, but with an idiocy that involves trying to carry the water in a sieve and not a bucket.
Another is aware and has realised that there will be no end to the disgrace and the dirty laundry will be aired, and is weeping among cries and hollers of, “Ah, oh, why did we let Reza Zarrab, who would so obviously turn informant, and this Halkbank CEO Hakan Atilla go there? Was the intelligence agency sleeping?”
In the end, they appear to have decided to base their defence on the premise, “This is not a legal trial, it is a political trial.” This applies to the AKP’s Chief, this applies to the Chief’s inner circle, so no question that it applies to his media.
Moreover, what they say is true. This is not a legal trial, it is a political trial. Those at the top of the US state have combined with the political rulership and secret services and are bent on reining in and sorting out Tayyip Erdoğan, whose obedience they have begun to question and who is gripped by the hope of flying with his own wings, and putting him back on his original course.
To this end they have collected and gathered the evidence, grabbed his guys as informants and hoisted them before the US judiciary.
Well, if a prosecutor’s case becomes so strong with so much evidence and so many informants, he files a trial; the judge, faced with this evidence and these confessions, initiates the proceedings and in the end passes judgement.
All well and good, but this trial being a political trial is no indication that Reza Zarrab, the other banker, those who took bribes from Zarrab, those who announced, “I’ll bend over backwards to help you,” those who introduced zero duty on gold imports and those who diverted some of the proceeds their own way while using fraudulent means to circumvent UN sanctions and pay amounts due for energy purchases from Iran are virtuous and innocent.
I mean, the trial being political does not at the same time mean that the charges, the dirty laundry and murky monetary relations have vanished.
This is the source of the panic, the horrific screams, the anger and the search to find subterfuges.
For example, recall a sentence that the AKP Chief has repeated several times:
“... You will want to try my citizen and use him as an informant...”
Does this complaint, nay accusation, against the US administration not juggle logic in a way that attempts to treat us like idiots?
What does informing mean?
Revealing the truth that others do not know and the crimes, if any, of accomplices.
That is, what the informant says is not lies or incorrect.
If Reza Zarrab turns informant before the prosecutor or judge and sings like a canary, it will not be lies and misinformation, but crimes that will come to light. The reward for turning informant is a hefty reduction in the punishment or perhaps a full wiping clean of the slate.
What has to be important in this trial is not Zarrab turning informant, but the information he provides.
Aha, I said there are a finite number of days until the dirty laundry is aired.
Oho, I said we will experience interesting, disgraceful and even comical days, kids.

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