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They are from the HDP, after all

By Ayşe Yıldırım
Yayınlanma tarihi: 07 Aralık 2017 Perşembe, 18:04

For one week, Reza Zarrab has been saying in the USA, “I gave bribes,” “I conducted phantom exports” and “I busted the sanctions.” He fleshes it out with diagrams and documents. Telephone records and letters are submitted in evidence to the court.

Mind-boggling amounts are flying around: euros in their fifty millions and dollars in their seven millions are spoken of as details that cannot be remembered. All in chorus, the shout of “lie” is heard in Turkey, from the AKP to the pool media.
They are suddenly calling their “philanthropic” friend, into whose hands they pressed awards, on whom they wanted to pin a medal of honour and whom they praised on screens for closing the current account deficit, a “traitor.”

Not a single prosecutor in the country is standing up and saying, “What’s all this, then? Let’s take a look at these allegations,” nor can they.
How can they when they are already so busy? Politicians, academics, journalists. The “independent” and “impartial” judiciary is dropping with exhaustion from compiling investigation files into anyone who pops up in opposition to the extent that it even stoops to issuing copy and paste rulings in the rush to keep pace.

Panama, Malta, the Isle of Man. Once more, mind-boggling amounts fly around. Offshore companies in tax havens and the names of politicians’ relatives and businesspeople are doing the rounds. The CHP General Chair explains it with the bank documents in his possession.
But, prosecutors must be tired seeing as they do not turn and look at these accusations. Those making the accusations, however, face a steady stream of prosecutions.
Case reports are raining down on HDP and CHP parliamentarians. Let’s do them justice, it would be more correct to say that they are coming down in a torrent on those in the HDP.
I am sure that not even they know their number, either, because every now and again they read from the pool media about case reports being on the way that have not yet arrived.
I mean, the prosecutors who do not see Reza, Malta, Panama or the Isle of Man have brought things to a state where you daren’t move for fear they will crack down.

You performed Friday prayers, so it was a crime, and you spoke of peace, with verses from the Quran, to boot - that was a crime. And did you want a pluralistic and decentralised constitution? A massive crime.
Sırrı Süreyya Önder made a defence at the court he was brought before when he was arrested – that is a crime, too.
When the co-chairs and MPs were detained, Meral Danış Beştaş made a speech accompanied by their photographs from the rostrum of Parliament. A crime, of course.
A prosecutor detected a crime and wrote, “They were seen to continue to sit on the stairs without encroaching on the road, without disturbing the public order, without shouting any slogan and without opening up any written material.” Naturally enough, a crime.

Selahattin Demirtaş recalled a comment that MHP General Chair Devlet Bahçeli has today forgotten. That is, Bahçeli’s “thieves” comment with reference to the AKP and the Palace. This is also a crime. Yes, it was Bahçeli that said it and Demirtaş that recalled it. But, the case report is for the recaller, not the sayer. Well, you have to hand it to the prosecutors. That is a crime, too.
The HDP administration has made an exhibition of these very case reports. And its name is the “Exhibition of Shame.” So much so that Meral Danış Beştaş gives another example of the dire situation surrounding the case reports:
“All the case reports that have recently come from Diyarbakır are the work of a prosecutor who received a transfer to Fethiye four months ago. Just now, case reports are being sent signed by a prosecutor who is not in office.”
Prosecutors are pouring out case reports without distinction as to whether they are in detention or not. Looking at the case reports they have drafted until now, they are having no trouble detecting crimes, either. This is because these are HDP people.
Do not be astonished if we soon see a case report to the effect that, “He was seen heading off to the HDP group meeting.”

When the lifting of MPs’ immunities was being mooted in May 2016, Mithat Sancar criticised from the rostrum of Parliament the state of the case reports that were starting to rain down in those days as follows:
“I taught jurisprudence for thirty years and I have examined numerous indictments, but I have never seen such disastrous and calamitous indictments as the indictments I have seen in this period. With regard to those of the prosecutors who are compiling these case reports and indictments towards whom I have devoted a smidgen of my labour, I do not give my blessing to this labour. I do not give blessing to my labour for those who have reduced the law to such an ignominious state out of obedience to the one who presides and the king.”

It is worth recalling once more the comment with which Sancar concluded the speech he made that day:
“The greatest crimes are committed to obtain, not what is necessary, but what is excessive.”

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