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Gezi hero Aydoğan: I am worried for my family

Gezi hero Aydın Aydoğan spoke about what has happed to him since filing a crime report against President Erdoğan.
Yayınlanma tarihi: 4 Mart 2018 Pazar, 14:08

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Aydın Aydoğan, who was wounded during the Gezi resistance, has been going to and fro between judicial complexes and hospitals for five years. He was wounded in the left foot by a gas canister on 11 June 2013. He spent one month in hospital and could not stand on his foot for months. His claims for damages against the police and ministries have been rejected. His crime report, in turn, has been sent to the unknown perpetrator office. He has filed a criminal complaint about President Tayyip Erdoğan for the comments he made about participants in the Gezi protest. He says that now, whenever he goes to the judicial complex, he is arrested and beaten up by the police. Aydoğan told Cumhuriyet about the arduous days he is going through.

-Why did you make a crime report about the president?

The reason society and I are passing through hard times is the inability to explain Gezi. I resolved to seek my rights. The prosecutor in charge of the investigation changed seven times. The file is now at the unknown perpetrator office. Mr Erdoğan’s words about those involved in the Gezi Park events entail denigration according to the Turkish Language Institution. Following the crime report, everything imaginable has happed to me. I get threats. Then I was arrested. I was held for two days at the Counterterrorism Branch. I was subjected to swearing and abuse. I was beaten. I was released by the prosecutor but was told I had to come to my senses. My phone is with the police. I got a thirteen-day sick note and have made a crime report about the police.

-What happened to the complaint?

My complaint has been closed. Istanbul Penal Judgeship of the Peace No 10 also ordered court costs to be charged to me. I went to the judicial complex on 6 February. Two plain-clothes policemen were following me. I went to the office to find out why the court costs were being charged to me. The judge was there, and with him saying, “Are you holding us to account?” the police bundled me outside. I fell to the ground and banged my head on the ground. They threatened me saying, “Pray that you are breathing. We will turn you and those around you to dust.” I was arrested. I have also made a crime report about this but I am nervous and afraid. I have three children. I applied to the Constitutional Court. If nothing emerges from there, I will take Erdoğan’s denigration to the European Court of Human Rights. I was removed in an unlawful manner from my job at Beşiktaş Municipality five months ago. I am unable even to get unemployment benefit. I lost my three-and-a-half-year-old son to leukemia a year ago. I am getting psychological help. I was even subjected to insults while making an announcement requesting blood. I have been found to be suffering from MS. The problems in my foot continue.

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