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Alliance bill adopted in midnight parliamentary session

The “alliance bill” that the AKP and MHP brought before the General Assembly of Parliament at midnight yesterday was adopted with the votes of AKP and MHP MPs.
Yayınlanma tarihi: 13 Mart 2018 Salı, 17:02

Debate began at midnight yesterday on the 26-article “alliance bill” drafted by the AKP and MHP and which enables unstamped votes to be deemed valid. Despite criticism from opposition MPs, the 26 articles were voted on individually and adopted in the General Assembly of Parliament.
At the session at which the alliance bill was adopted, a fight also erupted between CHP and AKP-MHP MPs. From a report by Hürriyet, the fight started with CHP Izmir MP Musa Çam using the term “one without progeny” that MHP General Chair Devlet Bahçeli had in the past used to address AKP General Chair Tayyip Erdoğan. With AKP and MHP members walking up to Musa Çam, the CHP group found itself between the outraged MHP group and AKP members. CHP members and a small number of HDP members extricated Musa Çam from the General Assembly in the endeavour to prevent him from being beaten up. With a recess taken in the session, the disturbance lasted for a considerable time. After stewards and party administrators had restored order, Deputy Speaker Ayşenur Bahçekapılı held a vote on imposing a three-session bar on Musa Çam by way of penalty for course and injurious speech in accordance with standing orders.
The penalty on Çam was accepted with AKP and MHP members’ votes. A fresh fight broke out as Musa Çam was being removed from the auditorium. MHP members who wanted to corner Çam in the corridor left the auditorium before him. CHP members removed Musa Çam from the auditorium with great difficulty. The fight between the MHP and CHP members continued in the corridor. Parliamentary security officials had difficulty separating the two groups. With CHP members trying to bring Çam under protection in an enclosed section next to the tea parlour, they endeavoured to evade the MHP members’ blows. CHP members refrained from removing Çam from the corridor for some time as MHP MPs were waiting at the door.
Musa Çam was unable to avert the penalty with his defence, “I said in my speech how respected and esteemed and how good a person MHP General Chair Devlet Dahçeli was. I said how unfitting the term he at one time used with reference to the AKP General Chair was for such a person, and that he did not deserve this. I said this was not deserved. If a misunderstanding over this has arisen, I am distressed. There can be no possibility of me saying such a thing to Mr Devlet Bahçeli.” As he will be barred from the General Assembly, a 12,000 lira fine will also be deducted from Çam’s salary.

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