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Imported goods prices rise at 0.53 pct. in June

Turkey's Non-Domestic Producer Price Index (ND-PPI) rose at 0.53 percent in June, led by 4.59 percent rise in pharmaceutical products, according to data released by Turkish Statistical Instute (TSI) on Monday.
Yayınlanma tarihi: 21 Temmuz 2014 Pazartesi, 11:20

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Turkish ND-PPI rose at 1.46 percent in the first hafl of the year and 12.17 pircent on annual base at the end of the June, said in the TSI statement.

ND-PPI monthly increased by 0.58 percent in the index for mining and stone quarrying, and increased by 0.54 percent in the index for manufacturing.The highest rates of monthly increase in ND-PPI by sub divisions of industry were indices for basic pharmaceutical products with 4.59 percent, which was followed by for computer, electronic and optical products with 2.63 percent and for wood and products, except furniture with 2.49 percent.On the other hand the highest fall in ND-PPI were seen at sub divisions of industry were indices for fabricated metal products with 0.56 percent, at wearing apparel with 0.34 percent and at rubber and plastic products with 0.28 percent.

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