Boycott of Kahraman’s fast-breaking meal

Parliamentary Speaker İsmail Kahraman's invitation to a fast-breaking meal caused turmoil among members of parliament. Some former and currently-serving MPs decided to boycott the fast-breaking meal. Texts calling for a boycott of the fast-breaking meal hosted by a Parliamentary Speaker who does not mention Ataturk influenced some MPs not to attend the meal.

26 Mayıs 2018 Cumartesi, 10:58
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Parliamentary speaker İsmail Kahraman also held a fast-breaking meal in the parliamentary grounds last year.

The call for a boycott was spearheaded by former Justice Party MP Ertuğrul Mat. He gave the following explanation as to why a boycott was called for in his “Invitation to boycott” on social media: “The parliamentary speaker, in speaking on 19 May of “the delegation that set out from Samsun,” slighted Mustafa Kemal. I invite my Ataturkist MP colleagues to boycott this fast-breaking meal.”

 'Atatürk demeyen Kahraman’ın 3 bin kişilik iftarına boykot