'New elections due’

Abone Ol google-news

Cumhuriyet’s Ankara representative Erdem Gül comments on the election results: We are faced with a government that has lasted for too long, results cannot be obtained that quickly. In addition, this election was held under the state of emergency conditions. The government’s great advantages in the media are among the topics that should be mentioned immediately. There is an extraordinarily authoritarian one party administration. We need to be hopeful at this point. It is obvious that those who demand democracy, who seek justice and who do not want authoritarianism look after their ballots and voted. One last point: Parties like AKP with high levels of entrenched constituencies do not lose votes due to the efforts of the opposition, but their own frostiness, a state in which being in government becomes their only instrument and being in opposition is no longer an option in their lives. This is also the case in AKP. As long as it maintains authoritarian rule, it will have to lose. Those who want democracy, seek justice, and ask for freedom should not be demoralized. Turkey had a good election process, an enthusiastic campaign. This should continue from tomorrow onwards, because local elections are 9 months ahead of us. I believe that an elections’ phase is about to begin in Turkey. Local elections will be held on time in March next year, but Turkey is expecting other early elections. Turkey is pregnant with democracy.

25 Haziran 2018 Pazartesi, 13:06