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You lack the power

Why are they gunning for Cumhuriyet newspaper?
Yayınlanma tarihi: 6 Kasım 2016 Pazar, 14:05

[Haber görseli]

The following is included in our publishing principles:

“(...) Cumhuriyet is the defender of nothing but the Republic’s democracy in a scientific and

broad sense. It will fight every force that tries to overthrow the Republic and the notion and

principles of democracy. It will devote its utmost to the cause of establishing a true

democracy in all senses in our country. It will endeavour to bring about the unfettering of

reason from bigotry and science from religion and the embracing by society of the principle

of secularism along the path of reason ushered in by the Republic and Ataturk’s revolutions

and principles. Cumhuriyet, which adopts the “Declaration of Human Rights and

Fundamental Freedoms” as the universal constitution of democracy, deems by way of basic

principle that its goals may only be attained within the independence and integrity of the

Republic of Turkey established by Atatürk. (...)”


We take this opportunity to proclaim once more: We will not surrender. We will not bow

down. You will be unable to silence us. Apply as much oppression as you like, you be unable

to prevent us from getting through to our readers. Unlike you, we have not been embroiled in

dark and dirty affairs and have had no other business apart from journalism. We have not had,

and will not have, relations, indirect or direct, or “adjunctiveness” with any group or person

involved in terrorism. If you usurp the Cumhuriyet newspaper, we will find another way to

continue our duty. Our readers will always remain at its side and at hand. You will lack the

power to prevent this. Even if you seize Cumhuriyet’s name and brand, you cannot take

possession of its history, spirit, craving for independence and freedom, esteem and honour.

Try if you will!

Cumhuriyet İMECESİ