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Six journalists to appear before a judge for the first time in 304 days

The first hearing into the six journalists being prosecuted for reporting emails by Energy Minister Berat Albayrak leaked by the Hacker group RedHack will be heard following 304 days on 24 October at Çağlayan Judicial Complex.
Yayınlanma tarihi: 16 Ekim 2017 Pazartesi, 13:14

Diken’s former editor, Tunca Öğreten, closed DİHA’s News Manager, Ömer Çelik, BirGün newspaper employee, Mahir Kanaat, closed DİHA reporter, Metin Yoksu, Yolculuk newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief, Eray Sargın, and ETHA’s Managing Director, Derya Okatan, were arrested on 25 December 2016.
The six individuals were sent to the judicial complex on 17 January following 24 days under arrest. Öğreten, Kanaat and Çelik were placed in detention, while the other three were released.
It was not until months later, on 3 July, that the indictment was drafted. The journalists were accused of “terrorism”. In the nine-page indictment, the word “Twitter” appears 24 times, “post” 25 times and “news report” 25 times. The first hearing of the trial will be heard at Çağlayan Judicial Complex on 24 October.

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