Time to response for Cumhuriyet

Approximately 7 months ago, the operation to silence the “Cumhuriyet” newspaper was instigated by a prosecutor suspected of being involved with FETO. 13 writers and administrator of our newspaper are in prison due to allegedly presenting “flight risks” or “obscuring evidence” through “cut and paste” decisions. Our friends, who have always defended secularism, democracy and other key the values of

Yayınlanma: 05.06.2017 - 16:52
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The prosecutor spoke and the judge sealed the deal and made this declaration: “the homes of the administrators and writers at Cumhuriyet would be searched and they would be taken into custody.”

 On the morning of October 31, 2016, the prosecutor followed the orders and the judge implemented the decision. The prosecutor spoke...he said: “Arrest Cumhuriyet writers and administrators.” The judge pressed the seal and they were arrested.

 156 days passed and the prosecutor finally spoke once more and explained the official charges. The court accepted these charges and provided a date for the next hearing 3 months later on July 24, 2017. The prosecutor nor the judge were not yet satisfied with arresting and impressing the seal, respectively. Currently, 13 of our friends are in prison in Silivri. They are completely isolated (some in groups of 3 some alone) in Silivri. The prosecutor spoke, the witnesses for the prosecution spoke and the AKP media spoke during this attack to completely besiege the 93 year old Cumhuriyet newspaper.

 There have been no results from our efforts with the Supreme Court. The prosecutor spoke one more time, the witnesses spoke one more time, and the AKP media spoke one more time….The Supreme Court remained silent. The files including the criminal charges finally reached us after many months...Now, it is time for Cumhuriyet to speak….

 From this day forward, we are starting the “ file on silencing Cumhuriyet.” The aim of this article series is to provide the response that our accusers deserve. We uncover the baseless accusations, lies, defamatory remarks that the disgraceful media hitmen have been circulating against our journalists and administrators, including groundless accusations of ByLock use by our staff and fiscal offences against the Cumhuriyet Foundation.

 In short: We will accuse those who accuse us. We will uncover their crimes. We will continue to do our work without taking a break or slowing down. Our job is to be journalists…

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