Erdoğan comments on the exchange rate

President Erdoğan commented on the dollar at the Turkey-Kyrgyzstan Business Forum. Erdoğan said, “The goal is to secure Turkey’s economic surrender through the exchange rate attack.”
03 Eylül 2018 Pazartesi, 08:09

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed the Turkey-Kyrgyzstan Business Forum.

 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan commenced his address to the Turkey-Kyrgyzstan Business Forum by saying, “Despite the distance economic and commercial relations between our countries have covered, I wish to state that they are way, way behind the levels we desire.”

 Noting that some three hundred Turkish capital companies were operating in various sectors in Kyrgyzstan, Erdoğan said these companies provided employment to more than five thousand Kyrgyz nationals.

 Stressing that Turkish contractors had until now undertaken 67 projects with a total investment of value of close to 700 million dollars, Erdoğan said, “With these projects, our companies have supported the development drive that Kyrgyzstan has realised since its independence. As Turkey, we undoubtedly feel eternal pride in our companies’ investments here.”

 Pointing to his belief that they would lend their signatures to far more successful projects in the future, Erdoğan recalled that the target they had set on the visit he made to Kyrgyzstan in 2013 was for a one billion dollar foreign trade volume.

 Underlining that they were still very far from this figure, Erdoğan continued as follows: “Our trade volume that currently has not even reached 500 million dollars does not become us. Kyrgyzstan, having a population of some six million, and Turkey, having a population of 81 million, make a total of 87 million. This trade volume is inadequate in view of the human potential of these two fraternal countries of 87 million. I believe that we will increase this and will attain our target of one billion dollars.”

 “I call out to Turkish businesspeople”

 Stating that Turkish businesspeople were in that auditorium to consider potential cooperation possibilities with their Kyrgyz counterparts, Erdoğan voiced his belief that businesspeople would hold meetings with one another today on a sectoral basis.

 Erdoğan stressed that the holding of these meetings would be conducive to establishing what they could subsequently accomplish.

 Alluding to the presence of businesspeople representing a broad area from textiles to agriculture, contracting to energy and mining and health to tourism, Erdoğan made the assessment, “I especially wish for businesspeople of both countries to open the doors of new business partnerships thanks to this meeting. I call out to Turkish businesspeople in particular. Kyrgyzstan is a friendly and fraternal country. Come and give priority to this country in your investments. Investments made here will, due to the Eurasian Customs Union, also reach out to the markets of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. In fact, the Chinese market must not be ignored, either.”

 Erdoğan stressed his belief that Kyrgyzstan President Sooronbay Jeenbekov would give companies all kinds of necessary support in this process.

 “They are trying to shroud our economy in the clouds of doubt”

 President Erdoğan commented, “They are trying to shroud Turkey’s strong and sound economy in the clouds of doubt through exchange-rate manipulation.”

 “The dollar’s dominance must be ended”

 Saying, “In particular, the dependence of international trade on the dollar is turning into an ever-greater problem,” Erdoğan noted:

 “From now on, by using the local and national currency among ourselves, we must for once gradually begin to end the dollar’s dominance.”

 “Be sure not to be taken in by the tricksters”

 Erdoğan remarked, “There are those well-known credit rating organizations, aren’t there, and each of their steps is political. They are tricksters. Be sure not to be taken in by the tricksters.”

 “We are not minded to get permission from certain people”

 Noting that, as Turkey, they were intent on establishing independence in the full sense in the economy, most notably the defence industry, President Erdoğan commented, “We have reached agreement with Russia on the S-400s. Certain parties are uncomfortable with this. Sorry, but we are not minded to get permission from certain people.”

 “We must eliminate the FETO threat”

 Erdoğan said “We must crush the head of the FETO snake that is poisoning our bilateral cooperation (with Kyrgyzstan) and eliminate this threat.”

 “We want justice”

 President Erdoğan stressed that they did not wish FETO members to wander around without let or hindrance in any friendly country and said they wanted justice.

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