16% of the voters’ roll is fake

By Orhan Bursalı

16 Mart 2018 Cuma, 12:10

They are going to conclude this business before the poll and appear to have taken all their precautions. First, read this document:
The following people who are entered on the voters’ roll which we obtained through the Supreme Election Council at Ataköy 5. Kısım 19 Mayıs Cad. 11 A8 Block of which I am the administrator do not live in our apartment. I respectfully request the necessary action to remove these people from the voters’ roll.
A8 Block Administrator (....)
Voters who do not live in the apartment (26 people):
Fatma Soğukbulak, Ahu Aygün, Serap Ünal, Gülbeyaz Hayır, Okşan Hallaçoğlu, Kral Bürgehan Hallaçoğlu, Adem Tüysüz, Arife Koca, Nilay Gürsoy, Songül Yürümez, Yaşar Yürümez, Soner Özdinç, Fulya Rızvanoğlu, Beser Koç Konak, Zümrüt Güler, M. Cemil Yılmazlı, Yiğit Öztürk, Mehmet Çınar, Emrah Aktaş, Samet Aktaş, Rıdvan Acar, Zekiye Zerrin Tugan, Civan Dayangaç, Ahmet Sezgin, Saadet Türkay, Abdülkadir Dabakoğlu.”
This means that 16% of the electorate is fake
The time was two months before the local elections held in March 2014. The exhortation to check your apartment was doing the rounds in Istanbul and the big cities and the CHP in particular was urging voters to carry out such a task. The “responsible citizen” (name known to me), on uncovering this fraud at his own apartment, goes to Bakırköy Civil Registry Office. With the reply forthcoming: “This matter has nothing to do with us,” he gives the list to the CHP Bakırköy Sub-Province Chair’s office and they say they will inform the Supreme Election Council of the situation.
These people were not on the list at the subsequent election, but in the referendum they identified an additional six voters at the apartment!
Residing at the apartment are 160 voters. Just think: 26 fake names means that there were 16% more voters.
The above names may either be real people, copies of real people (avatars), invented names or fabricated ones using living people’s names. They may be peripatetic - a ballot box here and a ballot box there, or many ballot boxes at once!
The conjecture that “it will not affect the results”
Had as many lists as possible been checked at that time and a rough idea of the magnitude of the fraud been obtained and an organisation to this end could have been arranged, the approximate scale of the fraud would have emerged. Nobody did this. Even the CHP did not believe this, or may have wondered how many fake names they could enter and thought that there is such small-scale fraud in every election and this does not affect the overall voting figures.
My reader says, “The fraud could probably have been exposed in the last four elections. Mainly enlightened people live in my neighbourhood. Think about Esenler or Bağcılar, too. I think they have been carrying out this fraud for years. I have seen in person that these people are not in power on merit. Let us expose this fraud all together. Is it possible that these fake voters also vote in other places? A fake voter team appears to have been formed.”
It has now become exceedingly difficult to expose the fake people at apartments. They took the decision to disperse voters among different ballot boxes for this precise reason: to make it difficult to trace the fraud!
“We will get such a high vote that...”
The attitude at the CHP is, “We will get such a high vote that their fraud will be wasted.” Who are you kidding? This is to abandon reality and chase a dream. They will have “taken the horse and passed Üsküdar” before the poll. They have made all the plans so they will have won the election in advance. The guys are making sure of the election results through their pre-polling operations.
Can you organise a campaign against this that will spoil this big game here and now? Can you let the world know? Can you get all experts discussing what can be done? Can you gather together statisticians, mathematicians, demographers and what have you, and stage a big meeting?
They will wrap up the business in advance
They will wrap up the business before the ballot boxes are opened. The duress at polling stations is in any case an extra plus for the rulers.
The Supreme Election Council has fully passed the buck. It did its job, legitimised unstamped ballot slips and in the coming elections it will proclaim the lists that will be forwarded to it and contain all the fake entries to be the voters’ roll.
The opposition, which has already been dispensed with, must do something serious until the elections otherwise the rulers will legitimise the appearance of being voted into office.
There is a need and necessity to stand up for democratic rights.