High-school prisoner left shivering in his vest

The mother of Murat Can Arslan, a high school pupil who was among twelve people transported accompanied by a beating from Silivri to Kırıkkale Prison, said her son was transferred in just his vest.

29 Ocak 2018 Pazartesi, 16:35
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Mother Aslan asked, “My son was shivering like mad when I saw him. I brought clothing but they said there was no officer and they couldn’t pass it on. He had bruising on his arms and neck. What’s the call for this torment?”
Alican Uludağ
Cumhuriyet previously covered the removal accompanied by a beating of twelve detainees from their cells on Tuesday evening at Silivri prison and their transfer to Kırıkkale Prison, also to the accompaniment of a beating. Sakine Arslan, mother of Murat Can Arslan, one of the transferred detainees, went to Kırıkkale Prison on Friday and visited her son. The mother of Murat Can Arslan, who was studying Touristic Hoteliery at the Tourism Vocational High School in Istanbul and was apprehended while on the way to a supplementary educational institution thanks to “secret witness” testimony, gave the following account to Cumhuriyet of the visit she made to her son:
I said, “Give him a pullover”
“I went to Silivri Prison on Thursday. They said, ‘The kid’s not here, he’s gone.’ We were given no information. I went to Kırıkkale on Friday and visited my son. They had been transferred on Tuesday evening. My son said, ‘I was asleep, mum. All of a sudden we were beaten up and taken. They didn’t even give me my clothes. I was brought here in the vest I was wearing.’ I took clothing. But, I was told there were no officers and it would be handed over on Monday. The kid is shivering like made. It was a winter day. I was freezing while fully dressed. My son came with trousers on below and a vest on top. He just had a hooded garment. He opened the zip and said, ‘Look, mum, there’s just a vest.’ I told the people on duty to at least take off a pullover and give it to him. The warders said that they didn’t have an officer and couldn’t pass it on.”
Strip search assault
The mother, stating that, from her son’s account of events, they wanted to hold a strip search on entry to Kırıkkale Prison, said, “They resisted. There was an assault. There are marks from the beating on my son. There is bruising and fingernail marks on his throat and arms. After all, you are taking them from one prison to another. Why the strip search? What’s the call for this torment? They did not take the kids to hospital immediately after the assault. They examined them a few days later after the marks had faded.” Mother Arslan, stating that her son had been arrested on 8 December and detained on 18 December, said, “He has been deprived of his right to an education. He was detained with nothing but secret witness testimony cited as grounds. They don’t keep us informed.”