What day of September is it today?

Mine Söğüt

08 Eylül 2018 Cumartesi, 13:42
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Try to look through different eyes at those horrific photographs that confront you each year in the first days of September in newspapers, on TV screens or in social media.

Think of those broken doors and windows still being broken.

Those pillaged shops still being pillaged.

Those threatened people still being threatened.

Think of the rulership’s intention not having changed at all since 1955.

Think of who the minority and the crowd was and when.

Think of what the crowd wants or does not want from the minority today and did yesterday.

Think of the force that incited the crowd, and the potential for attack.

Think of the mentality that sees oneself as right.

Think of the dangers of the reflexes inspired by this mentality having spun out of control

Look at those photographs and think once more, and once more, and once more.

What happened to this country at that time?

And what is happening now?

Those photographs are not just shameful documents of events that came to pass in 1955.

They are not disgusting images of the pillage and attack that took place on those two days.

What happened was not the frenzy of a people who once lost their minds for a while and then came back to their senses.

Because, the outcome of the events in those years has taught life and humanity nothing.

And because nothing ever changed either in this country or the world afterwards.

It does not come as a guarantee, either, that such an event will never be experienced again.

However much those tales about those days are about those days, they are actually also about these days.

The essence of a language of a still unfinished and unended and constantly repeating rancour is inherent in those photographs.

There are clues as to what may happen to us from now on in the recollections recounted about those days.

Unconscionable crowds are still ready to flare up and roam ferally like gunpowder.

And the unconscionable rulership’s intentions are still geared towards inciting those unconscionable crowds to attack.

We call the disillusionment that will dawn on you as you draw parallels between the past and today the “truth.”

The truth is harsh.

What if the ignorant and lumpen and angry people who at one time were intentionally incited by the rulership against Greeks, Armenians and Jews in this country were today to be incited against intellectuals?

What if the country’s mind is pillaged with windows stoned and doors broken down, and everyone said to be unwanted is pointed to and marked out for lynching.

In the intervening 63 years, neither reflexes have changed in this country, nor intentions.

The popular intention that yesterday poured out onto the streets to pillage minorities’ homes and shops emboldened by the rulership is today wandering the streets, or even the press, or even parliament so as to pillage a handful of intellectual minds.

The evil seed fed by the public speeches of a mindset that is hostile towards science, the arts, philosophy, rationalism and civilization and gives encouragement to those who codify the bestowing of praise on ignorance as a usurped class right is still dutifully growing in this country’s heart.

Those who today in this neck of the woods stoke up the unbridled anger of the crowds still incapable by their own volition of working out what is a friend and what is an enemy are no different from those who stoked up the 6-7 September events.

For this very reason, those photographs are not just shameful documents of events that came to pass in 1955.

They also pertain to today.

Now, open the calendar and look once again.

What day of September is it today?

And, what are the intentions of which the horrific pillage taking place in science, the arts and philosophy in this country today is the mentality?

What day of September is it today?

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