Erdoğan to the OSCE: Do not talk drivel

President Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the presidential Palace in Beştepe following the approval given to the proposed constitutional amendment on 16 April.
18 Nisan 2017 Salı, 13:23

The key points from Erdoğan's speech are as follow:

 ‘I hope that the constitutional change, which is ushering in a new era for our country and people, will augur well. I convey my gratitude to all citizens who went to the polls in a democratic manner, regardless of whether they voted yes or no. I convey my special thanks at this stage to those who voted yes.

If there are citizens whose party or institution’s preference was for yes but voted differently, we also greet this with understanding. This situation simply shows that we were not adequately successful in getting the constitutional amendment across.

The constitutional amendment was given the stamp of approval by nearly 25 million of our citizens. All discussion over this issue has ended. It has called an end to government squabbles and periods of coalition. With regard to the first elections ahead of us, these being in November 2019, and before that the March 2019 local elections, it is now for the people to decide.

We will hold a referendum over the death penalty, too

My brothers, did we not gather here in this space, at the palace complex, after 15 July, you know, if you had 29 nights, you came once more on the last night. You said, ‘Execution, execution.’ With you saying ‘Yes’ here, I wondered what Mr Bahçeli would say and he said, ‘I will say ‘Yes’ to the death penalty.’

I believe this is what Mr Yıldırım also says. Mr Kılıçdaroğlu, too. He will also say ‘Yes.’ If it has been approved in parliament and comes before me, I will approve it. If this does not happen, we will hold a referendum for that, too. We have no authority to pardon the killers of our fallen. The decision-making body is the people. God willing, we will do this.

Let the OSCE know its place

Erdoğan commented as follows on the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) report:

There is an organisation called the OSCE. They compile a report to suit themselves. The polls were this, that and the other. First of all, know your place. Do not talk drivel. We neither see, nor hear, nor know of those reports with political content that you compile. We will continue on our path. Do not talk drivel about this. This country held the most democratic of polls, unwitnessed in any Western country. You continue to waste your time shamelessly and tirelessly casting doubt on these polls while denying Turkey’s ministers access to Europe. Now ride off to Niğde on your donkey. I know fine well what my brothers in Niğde will say. This is what we are going to implement in coordination with our institutions in the period up to the elections. This is the path that our people have charted for us.

The pot bangers have come out again

Erdoğan spoke about the protests over the tainted referendum:

The President, saying, ‘You see, the pots and pan bangers have come out again,’ commented, ‘They are the Gezi crowd. Pots and pans – same old tune.’

This is not important for us

President Tayyip Erdoğan commented as follows on the European Union’s statements:

The EU is threatening to freeze negotiations. This is not very important for us. It is enough for the EU to give notice of its decision. We will sit and talk and hold a vote of confidence over the EU. However the people decide, we will go with that.