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CHP’s Pekşen says false identities have tarnished elections

Pekşen said, “By tampering with the records of people who have died, false identities have been created under a new citizenship number at the civil registry. Turkey cannot hold an election with these hugely scandalous records. The elections are tarnished and tainted as of now.”
Yayınlanma tarihi: 03 Mart 2018 Cumartesi, 16:33

[Haber görseli]CHP Trabzon member of parliament Haluk Pekşen has made a press statement about new people being created by changing civil registry records.

 Pekşen, drawing attention to false civil registry data in records revealed by the General Directorate of Civil Registry and Citizenship Affairs, said, “Here a different situation is involved apart from errors in civil registry records and somebody who is actually dead being shown as alive. By tampering with the records of people who have died, false identities have been created under a new citizenship number. The elections are tarnished and tainted as of now.”

 Same person both dead and alive

 Pekşen, indicating that a citizen obtained his father’s records and different civil registry particulars pertaining to his father were provided on these records and, showing the Directorate of Civil Registry documents, commented, “His father’s name is Osman Fikret, but is Osman Fikri on the record that was issued. His grandfather’s name has also changed. The name of his grandfather, which is Mehmet Nafiz, appears simply as Nafiz. With the same person, shown in all records as having been born on 01.07.1898, appearing on one document as having died on 10.01.1989, he appears to be alive on another document. The same person also appears in different records with different citizenship numbers and is shown to be dead in one record and alive in the other. This is all in civil registry records supplied by the state.”

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 The scandal cannot be concealed

 Pekşen, stating that it had been substantiated that elections in an electronic environment had been fraudulently usurped from the people through the use of false votes or the creation of multiple voters, commented, “By tampering with the records of people who have died, new identities are arranged for these people. This state of affairs in the civil registry records does not arise from typological error or mistake. This is an organised procedure that has been conducted knowingly and in a planned way. By means of these changes that have been made knowingly, new identities are created in place of people who have died.”

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 How will the Supreme Election Council cover up this truth?

 Pekşen continued as follows: “On careful examination, it is seen that alterations to letters and changes to things like dates of birth and death have been made in the records of a person who has died. The person who has died has been resurrected through changes to the records. Well. to what end is this being done? Has an election card been issued for these people who appear in the records to be alive? An answer to these questions must urgently be given. The Supreme Election Council must perform the duty incumbent on it in this regard. Elections that have and will be conducted on the basis of these records have no legitimacy. These elections are tarnished. We are faced with elections of an importance that will affect the country’s fate and these elections cannot be embarked on with these false records.”


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