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They have made justice sick

Outrage continues at the release of Topbaş’s son-in-law with there being hundreds of sick people in prisons.
Yayınlanma tarihi: 06 Mayıs 2017 Cumartesi, 17:05

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Outrage continues at the release of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş’s son-in-law, Ömer Faruk Kavurmacı, one of the accused in the TUSKON trial. CHP Istanbul MP Barış Yarkadaş, pointing out that Kavurmacı was released on acceptance of the report citing epilepsy and sleep apnea, inquired, ‘If a pupil took that report that secured Kavurmacı’s release to school, school management would not accept it as being a valid excuse. There are 925 sick people in prisons, 303 of them serious. There are 31 epilepsy sufferers among them. Are they not this country’s citizens? Kavurmacı obtained the report, that by law should have been obtained from the Forensic Medicine Institute, from Private Acıbadem Hospital. Due to what medical complaint and when was he dispatched to a private hospital? How was the decision to dispatch him to a private hospital taken? What mechanisms were put in place for Kavurmacı to be taken to a private hospital?’ Yarkadaş, saying that the judiciary that released Kavurmacı on the grounds that he has sleep apnea has, on the other hand, closed its eyes to the detainee named Halil Güneş, said, ‘Halil Güneş, in addition to this, is fighting bone cancer. But, because he is not Topbaş’s son-in-law, he is not released. It was also supposedly stated in the report that Kavurmacı has epilepsy. I have not seen the report, but let’s presume that such a report exists. Let’s ask straight away: There are 905 sick people in prison. And they are also urgently awaiting treatment. There are 31 epilepsy sufferers among them. For example, 40-year-old epilepsy sufferer Aydın Tırpan who is in Siirt E-Type Closed Prison. Tırpan’s complaint worsens by the day. He has frequent fits brought on by the prison’s physical conditions and the effect these have on his psychology. Tırpan, who should be released, was sentenced to five years and seven months’ imprisonment at his last hearing.’

He drew attention to our columnists

Yarkadaş, pointing out that the number of sick detainees in prisons rises by the day, commented, ‘Cumhuriyet newspaper columnists Turhan Günay and Hakan Kara have been identified as having heart problems. Günay has undergone angiography. As to Kara, he needs to be kept under constant surveillance. Kadri Gürsel is suffering from a serious eye complaint. Ali Bulaç has high sugar levels. Likewise, Şahin Alpay is experiencing similar problems. But, Topbaş’s son-in-law is free following his felicitous release. On top of this, he is released because he says he can’t sleep. The most recent release is a clear sign of the way a party having ‘justice’ in its name has destroyed justice.’

Many examples

Yarkadaş, stating that the detainee who is in prison named Bülent Özdemir has suffered from Wernicke-Korsakoff disease for years, said, ‘In spite of all applications, Özdemir, who is suffering from loss of memory, is not released. Yarkadaş, stating that the patient named Kemal Gömi has advanced schizophrenia and it is impossible for him to live on his own in jail, indicated that even though prosecutor Muzaffer Bayram who is being held in Kırıkkale Keskin Prison has broken wrists on both arms, he was kept in a cell on his own and then he was joined by another person.

His lawyer is an AKP administrator

Yarkadaş, pointing out that Kavurmacı’s lawyer, Abdullah Pehlivan, is an AKP Istanbul provincial administrator, said, ‘Pehlivan is also Topbaş’s lawyer. He was previously detained along with Murat Yalçıntaş. The same lawyer defended Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the trial over Dilara, who lost her life due to a manhole cover, saying “We cannot place a watchman at every manhole”.’

There are 31 epilepsy sufferers in prisons

Abdurrahman Fidan (Şakran), Barboros Usta (Silivri), Cengiz Sinan Halis Çelik (Metris), Cihat Başak (Şırnak), Eyüp Sarı (Bandırma), Halil Güneş (Diyarbakır), Hasan Kaymaz (Malatya), İdris Başaran (Kocaeli), Jinda Koyuncu (Şakran), Mahmut Yıldız (İzmir), Mahmut Özdemir (Gaziantep), M.Nuri Özen (Kırıklar), Medeni Kaya (Bandırma), Mervan Dağ (Mardin), Orhan Eroğlu (Kırıkkale), Rıdvan Tanış (Erzurum), Sekvan Becerikli (Şakran), Süleyman Acar (Tekirdağ), Seyhan Korkusuz (Van), Şehmuz İlhan (Bandırma), Şehmuz Demirel (Diyarbakır), Veysel Akkurt (Siirt), Yusuf Yalçın (Batman), Aysel Koç (Elbistan), Civan Sayık (Şırnak), Erinç Görgü (Erzurum), Hatip Şek (Tekirdağ), İrfan Üzeken (Şırnak), Lezhat Değirmenci (the hospital to which he has been dispatched is unknown), Mahfuz Dorudemir (Diyarbakır), Taha Burakman (Kocaeli), Aydın Tırpan (Siirt), Mehmedin Baraç (October massacre defendant – it was announced yesterday that he has epilepsy), Faruk Belkavli (detained in the Madımak Hotel trial).

Fell in the course of a fit

Life-prisoner İdris Başaran has been in jail since 1994. Başaran is being held in Kandıra F-Type Enclosed Penal Institute No 2 and his condition is gradually worsening. He has epilepsy, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, familial Mediterranean fever, asthma, stomach and neck hernia and goitre. He has undergone three operations. He has had a heart attack and has undergone angiography three times. A report was issued saying that he was suitable for imprisonment. Aydın Tırpan, who has been detained for three months in Siirt E-Type Closed Prison, has been fighting epilepsy for twenty years. His condition has started to become even worse after entering prison. Last month Tırpan fell in the course of a fit and broke his skull. Despite all applications he has not been released.

Should set a precedent

Human Rights Association Prison Commission member, Zeynep Ceren Boztoprak, Attorney-at-Law, said that all sick prisoners should be released immediately. Boztoprak said, ‘There are nearly one thousand sick prisoners in jails. Most of them are in a serious condition. Some of these seriously ill people continue to be kept in prison despite the existence of Forensic Medicine Institute reports that they are unsuitable for imprisonment. Never mind release, many of them are not even obtaining health services.’ Boztoprak said that the release of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş’s son-in-law, Ömer Faruk Kavurmacı, should set a precedent for other sick prisoners.

Topbaş speaks

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş responded to criticism over the release by saying, ‘I made my position clear as of the first day. As our Holy Prophet (PBUH) commanded, “Even if it is my daughter Fatima I will break her arm.” This is the morality I subscribe to. I am the head of a family. A big family. The Istanbul family. I must think about the happiness of Istanbulites. I must give service. I attend to my job. I do not want to have bother with certain quarters and be in dispute with certain quarters. I trust the judiciary and justice.’ As to the question of his son-in-law’s health problem and whether he had seen it, he replied, ‘He had a serious complaint in the past and he will monitor it himself. I saw it, but not too much.’

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