The time has been set for Kılıçdaroğlu's Justice Rally

CHP Istanbul Provincial Chair Cemal Canpolat has made an announcement concerning the Justice Meeting to be held at the rally area in Maltepe on Sunday.

09 Temmuz 2017 Pazar, 13:52
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CHP Istanbul Provincial Chair Cemal Canpolat gave details of the programme for the justice procession that will reach Istanbul tomorrow and the programme for the rally scheduled for Sunday. Canpolat also said that Kılıçdaroğlu will visit Enis Berberoğlu on Monday.

With the justice march that CHP General Chair Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu launched following CHP MP Enis Berberoğlu’s detention in the trial over the halting of the intelligence agency’s lorries drawing to an end, CHP Istanbul Provincial Chair Cemal Canpolat has made a statement about the programme within Istanbul’s boundaries for CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu and the justice march and the justice rally scheduled for 9 July in Maltepe.

Chair Canpolat, imparting information about the march, said, ‘Our General Chair Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu will set out on the march from the place where they stayed in Gebze at 9 am on Friday 7 July. Our General Chair Kılıçdaroğlu will have crossed the Istanbul boundary tomorrow at 11.00 – 11.30 as he passes the traffic sign reading ‘Istanbul’ located at Çayırova locality. We will hold our lunch break tomorrow at noon in a parking area situated at Pendik Şifa quarter. Our General Chair will end his march tomorrow at a site close to the Tuzlaspor stadium and spend the night here. Turning to Saturday 8 July, the march will start at 7 am and later the lunch break will be held in the area next to the 15 July Martyrs’ Mosque in Pendik Batı quarter. The march that our General Chair Kılıçdaroğlu will make on Saturday 8 July this will end at Kartal Dragos shore. Our General chair will spend the night at a site we will prepare at Kartal Dragos shore.’

‘Everyone who wishes for justice will be here’

Chair Canpolat, noting that the final day’s march will be from the Kartal Shore to the rally area, commented, ‘The giant procession of hundreds of thousands of people will make its final halt here (Dragos Shore) prior to the giant Justice Meeting in Maltepe. Our General Chair Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu will make the walk of roughly three kilometres from the Dragos Shore at 5 pm on Sunday 9 July and meet up with the millions awaiting him on the Maltepe Shore. Our General Chair Kılıçdaroğlu will complete the longest march in the world that he launched twenty-five days earlier with the demand of justice for all and reach Maltepe Shore and deliver his speech. We, the CHP Istanbul Provincial Chairship, have now sent invitations to 11,000 civil society organisations, professional chambers, political parties and associations. Trade unions, professional chambers, mass organisations and many political parties that have different world views from right to left and wish for justice have confirmed that they will be here on Sunday. On the other hand, everyone who simply wishes for justice across a wide range from the ÖDP to the Felicity Party will be here.’

‘There will be at least one and a half million people in the area’

Chair Canpolat, commenting on the steps to be taken in the rally area, said, ‘We will put on transport from Istanbul’s 958 quarters to Maltepe. Nobody will have problems with transport. There will be at least one and a half million people in this area for the Justice Meeting that we will hold on Sunday 9 July. Admission to the area will start at 3 pm. Entry will be made to the area through four different search points including the sea road. We are making intense efforts to ensure security from the sea and at the other surroundings of the area. The stage from which our General Chair will deliver his historic speech will be set up in this area that you see. The stage will be 80 metres long and 20 metres wide and on it will be two giant LED screens and a panel reading ‘Justice’. The stage will begin to be set up from tomorrow night. To enable our citizens who come here to better see the stage, six giant LED screens and six sound systems will be placed at various points within the area. Four ambulance points will be present at the most speedily accessible points in the area. Mobile toilets will be installed at three separate points. There will be two childcare tents in the area and tents where old or sick people will be able to rest. Thirty tents will be set up in the vicinity of the entrance gates to the area and distribution of T-shirts, fans, flags and hats will be made from these tents. Ten cold-storage lorries will be present around the area to transport one million bottles of water.’

Kılıçdaroğlu will visit Enis Berberoğlu on Monday

Canpolat, stating that all measures have been taken, commented, ‘There will be a press tribune forty metres in length consisting of two separate sections for members of the press in that area you see. Mini studio areas will be set up for live broadcasts on this press platform. Live broadcast vehicles will be stationed in the area immediately behind the press platform. We are making our preparations so as to deny permission for any provocations to be created. The broadest security precautions will be taken by both the stringent efforts on the part of the police and our party people. Nearly five thousand of our party people will be on duty on Sunday. There will be no logos or pennants of any party in the area. There will only be the justice logo here.’

CHP Provincial Chair Cemal Canpolat also said that Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu will visit Enis Berberoğlu in Maltepe Prison on Monday. After the statement had been made, Canpolat and those accompanying him toured the area and inspected the work.