The hundredth day

The despotic force that has laid a three-pronged seige to Cumhuriyet has dispatched ten of our colleagues who perform key duties behind bars and all but forgotten about them there. We can attach no other reason to the inability for an indictment to be drafted, or the deliberate wish for this not to be done, in 100 days.

07 Şubat 2017 Salı, 16:32
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The political rulership, who cannot tolerate Cumhuriyet’s endeavours to bring to fruition the people’s right to obtain news and learn the truth in the environment of wilderness the media has been reduced to, has turned remand into a punishment having used the state force it has usurped to destroy the law and make a rule of constantly breaching the principle of the rule of law so emphatically stressed in the constitution. The right to a trial and defence has been trampled on.
Their aim is abundantly clear: To silence Cumhuriyet or, if not, to inactivate it.
But, they were mistaken.
Cumhuriyet is continuing on the path that it holds to be correct and is steadfastly upholding the principles that inform its publishing policy on the way.
We have neither bowed in fear to the pressures, nor have we been cowed into abandoning our defence of the principles of democracy, secularism, freedom and the Republic.
The resolute stance and refusal to compromise in the slightest from what they believe by our ten colleagues who have completed their hundred days ‘inside’ at Vatan Street and then Silivri may have come as a surprise to Cumhuriyet’s enemies.
We Cumhuriyet employees on the outside are not in the least bit surprised. We are at their side each hour of each day. They are side by side, shoulder to shoulder, with us at editorial meetings, management desks and our computer keyboards. Their criticism is in our ears and their glances that see our shortcomings are in our eyes and our memories.
The long and short of it is that we Cumhuriyet employees, all of us ‘inside’ and ‘outside’, are all together in Silivri and are all together at Cumhuriyet’s desks and in its rooms. We we are getting on with our work. We are doing our job.
Our job is to bring the truth to light – especially the truth that it is wished to conceal from the people.
And we know that we will see good and sunny days