Erdoğan breaks with Gül in favour of Bahçeli

AKP General Chair and President Erdoğan made a complete break with his former travelling companion, eleventh President Abdullah Gül, at his group meeting. Erdoğan replied to Gül, who had criticised antidemocratic measures, “Nobody who in the past was under the party’s roof and has now wandered off on their merry way has the right to speak about the party and the movement.”

10 Ocak 2018 Çarşamba, 17:41
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With President Tayyip Erdoğan harshly criticising eleventh President Abdullah Gül, without mentioning him by name, saying, “He is not a sincere passenger on this caravan. Those who fall of this train will remain where they fell,” he thanked MHP General Chair Devlet Bahçeli, who announced that he would support the former’s presidential candidacy. Erdoğan said, “With regard to the harmonisation laws and so on, the colleagues will do the necessary work and, God willing, we will walk together into the future.”

Erdoğan assessed domestic and foreign developments at his party’s group meeting. Erdoğan, who harshly criticised eleventh President Abdullah Gül without mentioning him by name, said, “Our strength comes from our unity and keeping our ties with our people firmly in place. There is no question of us forgiving any attitude, any stance or any comment that will harm these two components.” Erdoğan, arguing that nobody who in the past was under the party’s roof and had now wandered off on their merry way had the right to speak about the party and the movement, said that everyone should, before opening their mouth, take note of where they were and with whom they were entering the same ranks. Erdoğan, saying, “There can be no perfection with deficient tools,” spoke as follows:

 “These are people from whom we have not seen the slightest support in the vital struggle we have waged for the past three or four years along with our people and, indeed, whose silhouettes most often appear on the opposing ranks. As to what is going on in the world and what is going on in our country, you will not raise your voice about this, but in our country a “yes-no” referendum is held and our party is pushing with all its might for “yes” in this but you look and certain people are campaigning for “no”. I am sorry to tell them, let those who harmed this unity, this togetherness and this solidarity know that they are no longer sincere passengers on this caravan. When we set out on this road we did so making a pact, and on setting out on this road with this pact-making and this pact, and you must for once and all know this very well, we set out knowing that loyalty was a fundamental concept. Those who fall of this train will I am sorry to tell them remain where they fell but this person will continue on his way.”

Captives of their own ambition

Erdoğan, noting what behoves them in this process is not to depart from goals and to avoid the mistakes of the past, said that the people had in any case passed sentence on those who had fallen captive to their ambitions to the extent of not seeing that the mission they have assigned to themselves is that of harming the AKP and themselves. Erdoğan said, “Have no worries at all. Our nation very well knows the difference between those who are trying to put their life on the line for Turkey’s independence and future and those who go off in search of easy pickings for their own future.”

Erdoğan, assessing developments over Jerusalem, stated that some people accused them of, “acting with discrimination, alienation and contrary to pluralism,” and gave information about the churches, chapels and synagogues that had been restored in their government’s time. Erdoğan, saying, “Had we had such an intention as engaging in discrimination why would we have undertaken these works?” pointed out that the arrogance of Israel, under the patronage of Western countries especially the USA, was dragging the whole world along with the region towards a disaster.

Erdoğan, arguing that those who were unable to succeed in the 15 July coup attempt were now seeking other coup attempts, said that the trial in the USA was the address of the coup attempt with political content

 Blank cheque from Bahçeli

 MHP General Chair Devlet Bahçeli, who had announced that they would support President Tayyip Erdoğan in the 2019 presidential elections, went a step further forward with his claim and gave the message that he would act together with the AKP following the elections.

 Bahçeli, speaking at his party’s group meeting, stressed that the AKP and MHP “had maintained a process of auspicious and successful cooperation” from the preparation stage of the presidential system of governance to the referendum. Bahçeli, stating that they uncompromisingly supported the erecting of the presidential system of governance, said, “This support and contribution of ours will for sure continue in the presidential and parliamentary general elections scheduled for 2019. Indeed, this will not be restricted to the elections and over five years following 2019 we will calm-heartedly live up to the requirements of the cooperation and the ensuing moral alliance that will be furthered within the context of our national and historic responsibility to ensure that the new system becomes firmly entrenched and permanent.”

 Excerpt from forbidden “pact”!

 Bahçeli noted that the most pressing issue was for the speedy enacting in 2018 of the statutory regulations needed for harmonisation with the new system. Bahçeli said, “Our preference and the thrust of our decision in this matter is also clear. We, as a party, are wedded to the 7 August spirit of Yenikapı and the 16 April referendum consciousness, because we are Turkish, trustworthy and keep our word to the last. There is no return from the presidential system of governance. This road is closed. It is daft to drag the shrub along by the head.”