Escalating wildfire in Northeastern Greece forces evacuations

Wildfire rages for third day in Greece, prompting evacuations and destruction

Yayınlanma: 21.08.2023 - 12:45
Escalating wildfire in Northeastern Greece forces evacuations
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A wildfire that ignited early on Saturday in Greece's northeastern province of Alexandroupolis continues to rage into its third day, as reported by local media on Monday.

To date, twelve settlements have been evacuated, with nine houses and a church falling victim to the flames, as indicated by the public broadcaster ERT. Tragically, this devastating blaze has also consumed vast expanses of forested areas, arable land, and a significant number of livestock and beehives.

Additionally, the intensity of the fire led to seven firefighters being hospitalized due to breathing problems and burns, according to ERT.

Despite the valiant efforts of hundreds of firefighters, numerous fire engines, firefighting helicopters, and planes, the fire's expansion persists in three primary directions, propelled by strong winds.

On the night of Sunday, the national fire service revealed that firefighters had been contending with at least 53 forest fires since the previous Friday evening.

Meanwhile, Vassilis Kikilias, the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, issued a warning to citizens as extreme fire risk conditions loomed for Monday.

"The fire risk forecast map for Monday indicates a high danger level, marked in red, for the islands of Evia, Attica, Viotia, Argolida, and Corinthia. I urge all of you to exercise caution," Kikilias emphasized.

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