CHP’s Tezcan: The only goal now is power

CHP Spokesperson Bülent Tezcan says the book has been closed on discussion of the CHP’s organisation-internal affairs with the completion of the rulebook congress.

12 Mart 2018 Pazartesi, 16:26
Abone Ol google-news

CHP Deputy General Chair and Party Spokesperson Bülent Tezcan, stating that, with the completion of the rulebook congress, the book has been closed on discussion of the CHP’s organisation-internal affairs, commented, “Henceforth, nobody will discuss the inside of the organisation. Henceforth, the goal we are united around is power. Power in local authorities and Turkey as a whole. We believe that we will attain this goal, too, along with our ever-stronger organisations and the people.” CHP Spokesperson Bülent Tezcan noted in the statement he made yesterday at party headquarters that the existing rulebook had been revised in full at the congress that has ended. Tezcan said, “Our rulebook, the expression of the party’s achievements, has been redrafted in a new language with the internal contradictions eliminated.” Tezcan, noting that the new rule book would see the CHP set its sights on the 2019 goals, commented, “Having completed the rulebook conference, we have ended the process of discussing organisation-internal structure. There now remains no party organisation-internal discussion to be had.” Tezcan said that the CHP would now look to the future and noted, “There are two big elections in 2019, one general and the other local. There will be a presidential and parliamentary poll in the general elections. So, we will hold three important elections. Our organisation is ready for this situation.”
Democratic rulebook
Bülent Tezcan, indicating that very important changes had been made by means of the new rulebook, noted that a proposal was made for restructuring membership in item 4 that was proposed to the congress. Tezcan, stating that the said item had not been accepted by congress members, commented, “Public opinion became acquainted with a democratic rulebook making process which is out of the ordinary in Turkey. It became apparent that the attitude that accepts everything on the agenda is not correct. We are not in the slightest put out by this.”
Preelections retained
Tezcan, saying that the number of enabling signatures to stand for general chair has been reduced by five per cent, stated that, as such, the contest would not be restricted and a step had been taken to make it easier to stand for general chair. Tezcan, also noting that the signatures of at least ten congress delegates would be sought for party assembly candidacy, said that the regulations on preelections at the congress had been retained as they stood. Tezcan, saying, that, with regard to the presidential candidacy, provision had been made to enable one or several of surveying voters, preelection, surveying candidates or surveying headquarters to be made, stated that, if the Party Assembly so resolves, the candidate can be selected through surveying all voters.
The AKP has strengthened the religiously fanatic culture
On President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s comment “Those pontificating on behalf of religion are like FETO and Daesh” being recalled, Tezcan stated that all resources had been devoted to strengthening the religiously fanatic culture in the AKP period and commented, “They have created an environment conducive to blurring society’s senses. They have paved the way with the rulership’s support for this religiously fanatic culture to become embedded in society.” Tezcan, saying that the AKP, too, had started to become uncomfortable with this, commented, “Instead of visiting those with nothing other than the fezzes on their head and the holes in their minds, we hope that they bring reason to the fore.”