Opposition's ‘Code of Conduct’

The Nation Alliance of four opposition parties vowed to abolish the state of emergency immediately

24 Haziran 2018 Pazar, 17:54
Abone Ol google-news


The Nation Alliance formed by four opposition parties published a joint ‘Code of Conduct’ three days before the elections.

Secular Republican People’s Party (CHP), breakaway nationalist Good Party (IYI), Islamist Felicity Party (Saadet) and the smaller Democrat Party (DP) vowed to abolish the state of emergency immediately.

They pledged to “reconstitute a competitive political ground on the basis of separation of powers and pluralistic democracy”.

“We will ensure that presidential powers are used under parliamentary supervision during this construction process”, the document read.

The Nation Alliance also vowed to ensure: 

  • the rule of law, judicial independence and impartiality
  • effective and determined fight against all kinds of terror
  • normalized inflation, exchange and interest rates
  • rights and freedoms, especially for expression and press