This law makes me ...

By Aydın Engin

25 Kasım 2016 Cuma, 13:44
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My palms are itching. The topics for my column have lined up before me and are jostling with one another and snapping for attention. What about the business of the Shanghai Five and the Eurasian Economic Union?
That would be good fun to tackle, wouldn’t it?
Most historians date the turning in this land by the state of its face towards the West back to the state’s forcible abolition of the Janissary corps in 1826 and the establishment of a “Western-style army” in its place, and call that day the “Auspicious Incident”, that is the “Happy Event”.
It has been received state policy for precisely 190 years for this country to turn its face towards the West, inevitably bringing with it a turning of its back on the East. This is the policy followed since 1826 by the Ottoman Sultans so beloved of the AKP gang chiefs.Mustafa Kemal turned this into an even more radical state policy. The leaders coming in Atatürk’s wake applied themselves to following and implementing this policy. When Tayyip Erdoğan found himself at the head of a single-party government in 2002, he proved to be a leader who took the firmest and most decisive steps towards EU accession. Asked what would happen if European Union accession was delayed, he commanded “Then the Copenhagen Criteria will be renamed the Ankara Criteria and we will continue on our road.”
Whoever died of lying?
The Turkey now under construction is one that has fully abandoned the trajectory of 190 years and has turned its face towards the East, a bit in the direction of Putin, a bit towards Iran and China, and quite a bit towards the Gulf, that is Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and has turned its posterior on the West with its insistence on democratic standards.
Abandoning its aspirations to play in the league of democracy, it is now gearing up to play in the “League of closed authoritarian leaders who may not be question or criticised.”
You could have great fun writing about that.
I haven’t yet found the opportunity to leave a Claw Mark with reference to those who take some little girl into their embrace and, consent being withheld, forcibly deflower them. I mean, we are not so daft as to draw solace from the bill having been withdrawn, are we? Those low lives who deem such philandering to be a crime but have set their sights on being able to freely commit this crime themselves will for sure bide their time and cook up that bill once more.
So, is it not high time to land a delectable Claw Mark on them?
Well, let’s take a look.
Let’s take a look, indeed.
With ten of my colleagues behind bars in Silivri, and while they could be availing themselves of the opportunity to flick through a few heavy tomes while pacing along the concrete-lined corridors, this being stubbornly denied to them;
With a further 142 of my colleagues spending their days on angry exercise walks in various prisons throughout the country detained at the pleasure of a regime that declares that they may not add theirs to the voice of dissent;
With stealthy machinations being employed against us so as to silence our paper or, if that fails, to reverse our editorial policy;
With the country’s democratic, left-leaning, socialist and Marxist intellectuals, academics, teachers and civil servants either being thrown in jail or sacked and left to starve with cries of “We are purging Fethullah Gülen Terror Organisation members” while the FETÖ toadies in their midst go untouched;
With the bold Kurdish youngster, Selahattin Demirtaş, and nine of his fellow MPs being forced to take exercise walks in prison yards rather than walk along the corridors of parliament, living testament to a disgraceful decision that might be summed up as, “Kurds are forbidden to engage in politics within the sphere of parliamentary democracy.”
With my friend Ahmet Türk being held under arrest in absolute isolation, ...
shall I go on?
Yes, I am afraid that it is just not on for me and for us to pen fun articles.
The best way to round up this muddled Claw Mark is with a sentence that sums up the feelings of these angry journalists:
If what I have been harping on about above is law ...
that law makes me want to retch!
(That feels so good!)