What Akar told Gül according to Sabah columnist!

Okan Müderrisoğlu, Ankara representative of AKP government-controlled Sabah, has written about the background to the visit that Chief of the General Staff Akar made by helicopter to Abdullah Gül. According to Müderrisoğlu, on the visit made “with state sensitivity and the bond from sharing the same home city,” the new system was explained to Gül, he was asked “not to be bitter” and he was advised to speak to Erdoğan, but politics was not broached!

17 Mayıs 2018 Perşembe, 13:36
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In his column published in today’s Sabah, Müderrisoğlu penned the following lines in the section he devoted to the visit by helicopter to Gül’s garden.

 “Let us move on to another serious matter. However much it may appear to be over and done with, there has been great speculation in certain circles over that visit made to the eleventh President Abdullah Gül. It is perfectly clear that I am speaking of Chief of the General Staff Full General Hulusi Akar’s conversation with Gül.


 “It appears that Full General Akar struck a balance between state sensitivity and the bond from sharing the same home city on that visit he made in civilian attire.

 He pointed to the need for the gap that had opened up between Erdoğan and Gül along the lines of, “He said that, the other said this,” and especially the emotional bitterness on Gül’s side, should not turn into a rupture in state affairs. Politics was not engaged in, as has been alleged!


 Stress was laid on the careful management of the transitional period to the new system of government in view of the country’s future. He made polite pronouncements that it would be beneficial for the country if Erdoğan and Gül came into direct contact if need be. It won’t happen, though. He did not adopt a dictatorial manner, either.”

 Sabah yazarına göre Akar, Gül’e bakın ne anlatmış!