Çoş overdid the enthusiasm

Provincial Governor Çoş, who made an announcement while brandishing an automatic weapon and called for the FETOists to be executed following 15 July, has been named in a FETO investigation

23 Ocak 2017 Pazartesi, 17:49
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It has emerged from the State Auditing Board’s FETO/PDY investigation that five provincial governors, Sakarya Governor Hüseyin Avni Çoş numbering among them, had accounts at Bank Asya and made donations to the Kimse Yok Mu Association. The governors’ passports have been annulled. Passport annulment is applied to those ‘who have been removed from active duty and are undergoing investigation and prosecution.’


Sakarya Governor Çoş, whose passport has been cancelled due to the probe, has created a stir everywhere he has been. It has also emerged that Çoş had news at the time he was serving in Adana of the intelligence service lorries that were carrying weapons to Syria. Governor Çoş shouted ‘pimp’ at a citizen at a ceremony on 10 November 2013 and, most recently, went on the hunt for FETOists brandishing an automatic weapon and called for their execution following 15 July.


Of the governors named on the State Auditing Board’s list, Adnan Yılmaz, brother of Minister of National Education İsmet Yılmaz, was assigned to alternative duties pending an investigation, former Çankırı Governor Vahdettin Özcan was appointed curator to Fatih University, Samsun Governor İbrahim Şahin was accused of being FETO’s architect at State Radio and Television and Hasan Karahan came to prominence with the lawsuit he brought against his stepmother.