Many arrests in operation against People’s Houses

A large number of People’s Houses and Collective members, including People’s Houses’ Co-Chair Dilşat Aktaş, were arrested in raids staged on their homes in the early hours.

22 Şubat 2018 Perşembe, 10:39
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The Ankara police staged raids on many homes in the early hours of the morning. People’s Houses’ Co-Chair Dilşat Aktaş and People’s Houses’ members Ali İmam Aydoğan, Gülşah Öztürk, Furkan Bircan, Necla Duran and Durak Soyaslan along with Tankut Serttaş and Meziyet Yıldız from the Student Collectives were arrested following raids staged on their homes.
Police alleged to have had a 17-person list
Following the detaining of People’s Houses’ Central Executive Board member Kutay Meriç for his social media posts defending peace, actions were staged in many cities including Ankara and on the evening of 20 February arrests were made of People’s Houses members who kept up protests in Sakarya and Meşrutiyet streets and Konur Road despite police attacks against the action, but they were released that night.
Ten People’s Houses members arrested in Antalya
Meanwhile, on 20 February in Antalya nine People’s Houses’ members voicing their reaction in and outside the judicial complex to Kutay Meriç’s detention were arrested, and Özge Hazal Kara was arrested the next day. Those arrested in Antalya are expected to be brought before the prosecution on Friday.