Message from Silivri: Justice Rally boosts morale

Our columnists and managers, who are counting the days until the hearing on 24 July, say that the Justice March and the subsequent rally have filled them with fresh hope.

11 Temmuz 2017 Salı, 14:40
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CHP Adana MP İbrahim Özaliş visited our newspaper’s columnists and managers who are detained in Silivri Prison. Our columnists, describing the hope with which they followed the Justice March and Justice Rally on televisions in prison, conveyed their thoughts about the Justice March to Özaliş.
Our detained columnists and managers’ thoughts are as follow:
Kadri Gürsel: ‘We followed the crowning of the justice march with the assembly in Maltepe with excitement and hope on the television in our cell at Silivri Prison. I thank CHP General Chair Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu for once more raising the demand for the release of all journalists who have been imprisoned for carrying out their profession in front of the hundreds of thousands who had filled the ground. The Justice March and the Justice Rally in Maltepe came as proof that the culture of and thus demand for democracy has been adopted by the wide masses. Even if we are in jail, we continue to keep our hopes up about Turkey.’
Musa Kart: ‘We watched the Justice March and the huge, joyous Maltepe Rally held subsequently with emotion in our cell. We saw people at this rally from all walks who are longing for justice. I hope that those governing this country will correctly read the heartfelt messages from this meeting and take the necessary action without delay. They must accept that those who are longing for justice are more numerous than can be captured on newspaper pages and television screens. Growers who have to sell the apricots in their possession for three kurush want justice, as do students who are left in astonishment each year as the questions are stolen. Against such a stark backdrop, I think we must immediately dispense with superficial claims about one rally beating another. Our first hearing will be held at Çağlayan on 24 July. I see myself among the millions who have lost their trust in justice, but we will stand tall that day in the courtroom and defend ourselves. Regardless of how the court rules, I have no doubt that we will be acquitted in the consciences of the millions.’
Güray Öz: ‘This march has boosted our spirits, too. For the hearing on 24 July, which at the same time is journalists’ day. We will go and discredit the contrived indictment that is bereft of proof and evidence. Let us also do our bit along with the millions marching for justice.’
Hakan Kara: ‘The millions who filled the rally ground in Maltepe created a new hope for Turkey. If only we had been on the outside and could have joined this march, too. It was a march that has gone down in history. I hope that 9 July will be a fresh start for Turkey.’
Murat Sabuncu: ‘The hundreds of thousands who came to Maltepe on Sunday gave an indication of the degree of hunger and longing for justice felt by society and we want and desire rights, law and justice not only for ourselves but for all of society. We must continue to think and create hand in hand and heart to heart to construct justice and a Turkey in which everyone with their thoughts that differ from one another can live together in peace. Society as a whole must be able to object if a problem crops up, not just ourselves or when a problem knocks at our door. We will demand accountability within the bounds of democracy. Let me also note that my heart and mind are with Nuriye and Semih.’