Private sector to repay $75.9 bln foreign debt in one year

Turkey's private sector to repay $75.9 billion principal in foreign debt, in one year starting from end of May, according to Central Bank of Turkey data released on Wednesday.

16 Temmuz 2014 Çarşamba, 13:17
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Total $44.7 billion of the foreign debt principal payments will be of short-term debt and the rest $31.2 billion will be of 
long-term debt principal payments.

Turkish private sector's total foreign debt increased by 5.2 percent in the first five months of the year to $207.9 billion, from $197.7 billion at the end of last year.

Private sector’s outstanding long-term loans received from abroad recorded $163.2 billion as of May, increasing by $5.9 billion in comparison to the end of 2013. Private sector’s short-term foreign debt reached to $44.7 billion, increasing by $4.3 billion, in the same period.

As for the sectoral breakdown of the $87.6 billion liabilities of the non-financial institutions, which account for 53.7 percent of the total, 58.7 percent was borrowed by the services sector, 40.8 percent by the industrial sectors and 0.5 percent by the agricultural sector as at the end of May.

Regarding the currency composition of the total of $163.2 billion, 58.1 percent consists of dollar, 34.1 percent consists of euro, 6.4 percent consists of Turkish Lira and 1.4 percent consists of other currencies. 

Regarding the currency composition of the total of $44.7 billion, 51.0 percent consists of USD, 38.1 percent consists of Euro, 10.5 percent consists of Turkish lira and 0.4 percent consists of other currencies.