Very powerful statement from the CHP: Illogical

The Republican People’s Party (CHP) has issued a statement regarding the operation targeting Cumhuriyet newspaper and the remanding of the HDP MPs.

07 Kasım 2016 Pazartesi, 14:10
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The Party Assembly of the Republican People’s Party convened with an extraordinary agenda on 6 November 2016. After the meeting, the following statement was issued regarding the operation to silence Cumhuriyet newspaper and the remanding of the HDP’s co-chairs and MPs.

The following is contained in the statement by the Republican People’s Party’s Party Assembly: “The unlawful and illogical proceedings brought against Cumhuriyet Newspaper by a prosecutor himself previously charged with FETÖ membership must be halted immediately. These proceedings are proceedings that have been brought with the government’s direction and support.”

The text of Republican People’s Party’s Party Assembly is as follows:
"Turkey is suffering from misgovernance. The AKP administration that has ruled our country for fourteen years dragged Turkey into the jaws of a coup in a planned and conscious manner through having installed appointees from the Fethullah Gülen Terror Organisation (FETÖ) at all levels within the machinery of the state. The attempted coup failed thanks to the unity forged between our people, our heroic parliament and the media that opposed the coup. Our parliamentary system was successfully defended by Turkey’s democratic forces. However, the AKP has drawn no lessons from the events of 15 July. It has turned its back on social reconciliation and has stepped up its attacks on the principles of a democratic, secular, welfare state and the Republic of Turkey’s founding values. The judiciary has been hijacked for political ends. Turkey has reached the stage at which it is undergoing a dark and authoritarian palace coup under the premise of fighting FETÖ. The present political situation is creating a massive threat to our people’s freedom and our country’s very survival.

In view of this:

1- The unlawful and illogical proceedings brought against Cumhuriyet Newspaper by a prosecutor himself previously charged with FETÖ membership must be halted immediately. These proceedings are proceedings that have been brought with the government’s direction and support. The holders of political office are quite simply wreaking revenge on Cumhuriyet Newspaper, which was born along with the Republic and symbolises our press, for its journalistic activities. Pressure of all kinds on the media must be ended. All pressure that stifles enjoyment of the freedom of thought and expression and to obtain news must be ended. The remanded journalists must all be released.

2- All of the military, political and civil-service elements involved in the attempted coup must be exposed as soon as possible and prosecuted under due legal process. On the other hand, all of our compatriots who have been detained and removed or dismissed from their posts under the state of emergency must be granted the right to a fair trial. All those who have acted in breach of human rights or are responsible for cloaking this in legitimacy must give account before the judiciary.


3- The AKP is showing contempt for parliament in conducting direct negotiations with the PKK over the peace process when these should be conducted with elected representatives in a parliamentary setting. The environment of terror and violence which our country has been brought face to face with demonstrates the gross erroneousness of this administration that holds parliament in contempt. The AKP is now repeating the same error and today serves the cause of terror in remanding the people’s parliamentary representatives. The remanding of MPs before due legal process has been completed and in the absence of a final judgment is contrary to the constitution and Constitutional Court case law. This unlawful measure must be ended.

4- The authoritarian regime is restricting citizen’s freedoms of expression, assembly, organisation and activism and is submitting all segments of society to intense pressure. The threats, attacks and pressure on schools, universities, working people, women, civil society organisations, the business world and our compatriots’ very right to life must end immediately.


The Palace and AKP administrators, who aid and abet the FETÖ, PKK and ISIL terrorist organisations, pose the greatest threat to our democracy and our country’s very survival. This threat in turn justifies democratic resistance on the part of our compatriots. It is clear what needs to be done to dispel this threat posed to our democracy and our unity and to the atmosphere of order and peace. All of our compatriots who love their country, believe in democracy and defend basic rights and freedoms must combine to eliminate this massive threat directed at our Republic. The CHP is ready to head this vital movement for freedom, democracy, unity and independence. Let none of our compatriots be in any doubt that the CHP will live up to all the demands of this struggle.

The effort to create a dictatorship will before long suffer defeat when confronted by the will of our freedom, law and democracy-loving people. Those who have taken Turkey to the brink will without fail give account before the judiciary.

Neither coup nor dictatorship – long live true democracy.

Trust and hope will defeat darkness and fear.

The Republic of Turkey will more ever forward.

We will not permit Turkey to be divided and will keep the Republic founded by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk alive for ever.

Submitted respectfully to our patriotic people."