40 yönetmenin favori korku filmleri

13 Mart 2021 Cumartesi, 14:50
<p><strong>Wes Anderson:</strong> Rosemary’s Baby<br></p>

Wes Anderson: Rosemary’s Baby

<p><strong>Natalie Erika James:</strong> Ringu<br></p>

Natalie Erika James: Ringu

<p><strong>Mike Flanagan:</strong> The Blackcoat’s Daughter<br></p>

Mike Flanagan: The Blackcoat’s Daughter

<p><strong>Bong Joon-ho:</strong> Midsommar<br></p>

Bong Joon-ho: Midsommar

<p><strong>Osgood Perkins:</strong> The Strangers<br></p>

Osgood Perkins: The Strangers

<p><strong>Robert Eggers:</strong> Nosferatu<br></p>

Robert Eggers: Nosferatu

<p><strong>Josephine Decker:</strong> Suspiria<br></p>

Josephine Decker: Suspiria

<p><strong>Guillermo del Toro:</strong> Eyes Without a Face<br></p>

Guillermo del Toro: Eyes Without a Face

<p><strong>Quentin Tarantino:</strong> Audition<br></p>

Quentin Tarantino: Audition

<p><strong>Martin Scorsese:</strong> The Innocents<br></p>

Martin Scorsese: The Innocents

<p><strong>Edgar Wright:</strong> Dead of Night<br></p>

Edgar Wright: Dead of Night

<p><strong>David Lowery:</strong> Hereditary<br></p>

David Lowery: Hereditary

<p><strong>Jordan Peele:</strong> Misery<br></p>

Jordan Peele: Misery

<p><strong>Jennifer Kent:</strong> The Texas Chainsaw Massacre<br></p>

Jennifer Kent: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

<p><strong>Luca Guadagnino:</strong> The Fly<br></p>

Luca Guadagnino: The Fly

<p><strong>Sam Raimi:</strong> Night of the Living Dead<br></p>

Sam Raimi: Night of the Living Dead

<p><strong>Anna Biller:</strong> Peeping Tom<br></p>

Anna Biller: Peeping Tom

<p><strong>Christopher Nolan:</strong> Alien<br></p>

Christopher Nolan: Alien

<p><strong>Andy Muschietti:</strong> Near Dark<br></p>

Andy Muschietti: Near Dark

<p><strong>James Wan:</strong> The Others<br></p>

James Wan: The Others

<p><strong>Ana Lily Amirpour:</strong> Antichrist<br></p>

Ana Lily Amirpour: Antichrist

<p><strong>Bo Burnham:</strong> Raw<br></p>

Bo Burnham: Raw

<p><strong>Eli Roth:</strong> Creepshow<br></p>

Eli Roth: Creepshow

<p><strong>Ben Wheatley:</strong> Eraserhead<br></p>

Ben Wheatley: Eraserhead

<p><strong>William Friedkin:</strong> Funny Games<br></p>

William Friedkin: Funny Games

<p><strong>James Gunn:</strong> Green Room<br></p>

James Gunn: Green Room

<p><strong>Coralie Fargeat:</strong> I Saw the Devil<br></p>

Coralie Fargeat: I Saw the Devil

<p><strong>Gaspar Noé:</strong> Un Chien Andalou<br></p>

Gaspar Noé: Un Chien Andalou

<p><strong>John Carpenter:</strong> The Exorcist<br></p>

John Carpenter: The Exorcist

<p><strong>Karyn Kusama:</strong> Habit<br></p>

Karyn Kusama: Habit

<p><strong>Nia DiCosta:</strong> Under the Skin<br></p>

Nia DiCosta: Under the Skin

<p><strong>Patrick Brice:</strong> Jacob’s Ladder<br></p>

Patrick Brice: Jacob’s Ladder

<p><strong>André Øvredal:</strong> Poltergeist<br></p>

André Øvredal: Poltergeist

<p><strong>Tim Burton:</strong> The Wicker Man<br></p>

Tim Burton: The Wicker Man

<p><strong>Pedro Almodóvar:</strong> Rapture<br></p>

Pedro Almodóvar: Rapture

<p><strong>Jim Jarmusch:</strong> American Psycho<br></p>

Jim Jarmusch: American Psycho

<p><strong>Ti West:</strong> The Shining<br></p>

Ti West: The Shining

<p><strong>Rob Zombie:</strong> 28 Days Later<br></p>

Rob Zombie: 28 Days Later

<p><strong>Julia Ducournau:</strong> Dead Ringers<br></p>

Julia Ducournau: Dead Ringers

<p><strong>Peter Strickland:</strong> Climax<br></p><p><em>Kaynak: IndieWire</em></p>

Peter Strickland: Climax

Kaynak: IndieWire