It is canonically permissible to murder the likes of you

The presenter of the “The Day Starts” programme broadcast on Akit TV, Yusuf Ozan, has subjected Cumhuriyet to a barrage of insults and threatened it with “murder”.

12 Şubat 2018 Pazartesi, 14:33
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Akit TV presenter Yusuf Ozan, when Cumhuriyet’s turn came while he was reading the newspaper headlines, alleged in obscene terms that our newspaper’s “11 fallen in Afrin” headline was a perception operation and let loose a barrage of insults to the accompaniment of ugly insinuations. He then wished for the introduction of Sharia and the death penalty and bandied threats targeting the newspaper’s staff saying, “It is canonically permissible to murder the likes of you.”


The following was the sequence of Akit TV presenter Yusuf Ozan’s insults while reading the Cumhuriyet headline:

- Eleven was to its liking. It ran this headline because it had an orgasm with this number, with eleven.

- If there were a single-man regime, oh, if only... If only it shut you down in two minutes. If only there were Sharia, too, if only there were the death penalty, if only it strung you up. I am talking openly, you are all traitors.

- You who shelter behind the cover of democracy are a scourge on this nation. If you like buy it, if you like tear it up. If only there were the death penalty in this country. You should be for the chop. You are traitors.

- Democracy and all that is baloney. It is canonically permissible to murder the likes of you in wartime. Let God damn you! You are without guts, honour, dignity or prestige. There is not an ounce of religion or faith in you. You are the remnants of a period. They are crypto-zionists. Those who stage operations against this country in such a period are traitors.

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