Muslims forbidden

Citizens of seven countries unable to enter the USA under a ban introduced by President Trump

31 Ocak 2017 Salı, 13:08
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US President Donald Trump, following his decision to build a wall along the Mexican border, has imposed a three-month ban on citizens of Syria and six Muslim countries from entering the country. Holders of green cards and visas were also included in the ban.
Following the decision, even holders of green cards that confer permission to reside and work were included in the ban. An Iranian who intended to go to the USA has alleged that a ticket obtained from Turkish Airlines has been cancelled. Eleven refugees were arrested at JFK Airport.
2200 ACADEMICS: Inhuman
With reactions to the ban pouring in from all quarters, 2200 academics, 12 of whom have Nobel awards and have been deemed worthy of other major awards, issued a statement calling the order ‘inhuman and unethical.’ The United Nations has called on the USA to afford equal treatment to all refugees.